Please accept the word "nigger" by considering the time
and context in which it was said.

Words from Former American Slaves:
"America's Noble Ancestors"


"In de time of slavery anudder thing what make it tough on de niggers was dem times when er [a] man an' he wife an' their chillun had to be taken 'way from one anudder.  Dis sep'ration might be brung 'bout 'most any time for one thing or anudder, sich [such] as one or tudder de man or de wife be sold off or taken 'way to some other state like Louisiana or Mississippi.  Den when a mars [slave master] die what had a heap of slaves, these slave niggers be divided up 'mongst de mars' chillun or sold off for to pay de mars' debts.

Dey was heaps of nigger families dat I know what was sep'rated in de time of bondage dat tried to find dey folkses what was gone.  But de mostest of 'em never git togedder ag'in even after dey get sot free 'cause dey don't know where one or de other is."

PETER CLIFTON:  (Mr. Clifton was told that the contents of his interview would be taken to Washington, DC.  He did not know that the information was to be placed in archives.  He thought that Americans would be told of his experiences during his lifetime.)

"Oh, how her [Christina, his wife] gonna laugh and shake her sides when I get home and tell her all 'bout what's down on dat paper!  You say it's to be sent to Washington?  Why, de President and his wife will be tickled at some of them things!  I's sure they will.  Dat'll make Christina have a great excitement when I tell her we is to be talked 'bout way up dere.  I 'spect it will keep her 'wake and she'll be hunchin' me and asking me all through de night what I give in [what I said during the interview].

Maybe I'll get a pension and maybe I won't.  Jus' so de Lord and de President take notice of us is enough for me."


There are so many official records all over America.
Some disappear everyday.

There remain many remembrances of the names of family members.

Some of our elderly citizens (both black and white)
who retain this information may be dying as you read this.

Please volunteer!

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